Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to: Create Webpage mock-ups in 5 easy steps

You've just had a lengthy requirements session with your business folks/customer(s)/ or client(s), and you need to make sure you got everything right about the UI/design of the webpage/application so that all the stakeholders are clear and in agreement. Or perhaps you are typing out a Business Proposal (RFP) or Business Requirements Document (BRD) and you need to put in pictures/layout of the webpage that is yet to be developed. How do you do that quickly, neatly without spending a dime? Enter Lumzy.

Lumzy is an online tool, that allows  you to quickly create mock-ups or wireframes of webpages in a matter of minutes. Allows you to export the mock-ups to various formats (jpg, png, pdf) or email them. Better still, it allows for online collaboration (via chat, comments, real-time editing and versioning) in case you need to discuss and nail those UI nitty-gritty right. This makes it easy to iron-out UI requirements (or potential flaws in them) before actually prototyping the same in code and helps save valuable time and money. And finally,  its absolutely FREE!

Step1: Navigate to the webpage

Step2: Launch Lumzy by clicking on "Launch Now" button on the home page. Below portal is opened.

Step3: Register if you want to save the mock-up and share it with others online. Takes no more than 30 seconds and its FREE. I tried it and they DONT spam or send annoying email beyond registration confirmation.

Step4: Create a new project and drag and drop webparts from the menu. Examples below:

Step5: Choose Export options as JPG, PNG or PDF or email it.

You are done!

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